The CNC machining has been one of the most recurrent processes used for finishing NNS components. This paper presents a new method for the generation of tool paths for machining 3D NNS models. The proposed approach comprises two machining stages: rough cut and finish cut, and three types of cutting tools: ball-end mill, flat-end mill and fillet-end mill. The proposed tool path generation algorithm is based on: (1) approximation of the model surfaces by points using slice planes and visibility analysis, (2) accessibility analysis of the tool, (3) approximation error and tolerance evaluation, (4) collision analysis of tool and tool holder. The tools paths generated are exported as a CNC program. The implementation was carried out in C++ using the ACIS® geometric modeling kernel to support the required geometric operations. To prove the effectiveness of the system several models with variable geometric complexity were tested. The results have shown that the proposed system is effective and therefore can be used to generate the tool paths required for finishing 3D NNS components.

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