Manufacturing possibility was experimentally investigated for a bulk multilayered Ni-ZrO2 system functionally graded material (FGM) by powder injection molding. Ni-ZrO2 system FGMs with various composition gradients and layer numbers were manufactured from compounds used in powder injection molding methods. Compounds with various chemical compositions were obtained by kneading Ni and ZrO2 powders with a polymeric binder. A compound was filled into a mold and heated to the softening temperature of binder. A compact was obtained by compressing at the softening temperature. Some compacts were stacked in the mold and compressed at the softening temperature again. The multilayered compact was heated to near the melting point of Ni. The FGM with little flaws was obtained for high composition gradient in ZrO2 rich side. However, calculated maximum thermal stress of the FGM was higher than that of the linear composition gradient. The maximum thermal stress was compressive stress and occurred in ZrO2 rich side. The compressive strength of a ceramics is higher than that of the tensile strength. Thus, the thermal compressive stress in ZrO2 rich side would be effective to manufacture a bulk multilayered Ni-ZrO2 system FGM by powder injection molding.

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