Under inlet total pressure distortion, forced response of compressor blades poses a threat to aircraft propulsion system. Research on blade dynamic response is premise and basis for high-cycle fatigue life analysis. Blades of a compressor first rotor row are studied with three dimensional numerical simulation in fluid-structure coupling methods. The inlet distortion’s influence on blade aeroelastic dynamic response and flow field characteristics are analyzed. The results demonstrate that circumferential and radial total pressure distortion should be considered together in the phenomenon of actual inlet distortion induced blade vibration response. At the condition of low angle of attacks, radial distortion intensity is weak, the relation between vibration response level of rotor blades and circumferential distortion intensity is proportional. With the angle of attack increases, the vibratory stress under aerodynamic forces grows sufficiently. The radial total pressure distortion near hub increases dynamic response severity of rotor blades.

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