The collision of two isotropic spherical shells is investigated for the case when the viscoelastic features of the shells represent themselves only in the place of contact and are governed by the standard linear solid model with fractional derivatives. Thus, the problem concerns the shock interaction of two shells, wherein the generalized fractional-derivative standard linear law instead of the Hertz contact law is employed as a low of interaction. The pans of the shells beyond the contact domain are assumed to be elastic, and their behavior is described by the equations of motion which take rotary inertia and shear deformations into account. The model developed here suggests that after the moment of impact quasi-longitudinal and quasi-transverse shock waves are generated, which then propagate along the spherical shells. Due to the short duration of contact interaction, the reflected waves are not taken into account. The solution behind the wave fronts is constructed with the help of the theory of discontinuities. To determine the desired values behind the wave fronts, one-term ray expansions are used, as well as the equations of motion of the contact domains for the both spherical shells.

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