Attempts to adequately design an optimum HVAC airside system that furnishes comfort and air quality in the air-conditioned spaces with efficient energy consumption represent a great challenge. This paper presents a recent status quo of HVAC airside design for the air-conditioned spaces under holistic approach. The present review summarizes the current status, future requirements, and expectations. It has been found that, the experimental investigations should be considered in the new trend of energy investigations, not to merely to validate the numerical tools, but also to provide a complete database of the airflow characteristics in the air-conditioned spaces. Based on this analysis and the vast progress of computers and associated software, the artificial intelligent technique is sought as a prominent competitor candidate to the experimental and numerical techniques. Finally, the researches that relate between the different designs of the HVAC systems and energy consumption should concern with the optimization of airside design as the expected target to enhance the indoor environment.

The present paper reviews the status quo and critically analyses the appropriate approaches to sustainability.

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