Tungsten-doped vanadium oxide has been proved to decrease the transition temperature, which enables vanadium oxide film to be more promising. Besides, the nano-structure can improve the properties of the film when compared with the as-deposited film. In this letter, a nano-structure tungsten-doped vanadium oxide film is proposed. Tungsten-doped vanadium oxide film was deposited on the Si (400) substrate by DC magnetron sputtering. The doping level was controlled by adjusting the sputtering time. Then the as-deposited film was annealed to form a nano-structure film at the temperature of 500 °C for 1 h in high vacuum. The morphology and crystalline structure of such films were characterized by AFM and XRD, respectively. Optical properties of the films were tested by FTIR, mainly comparing the infrared transmission before and after annealing.

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