Diaplex MS5520, SMP Technologies, Inc. transition temperature 55°C, was filled with varying proportions (5 wt.%, 15.00 wt.%, and 25 wt.%) of magnetite nanoparticles, NanoArc and Iron(III) Oxide; 20–40 nm APS Powder from Alfa Aesar. The SMP nanocomposite was tested by thermomechanical methods, derived thermo-magnetic-mechanical methods, and shape memory methods. The results of such methods show an ability of the SMP nanocomposite to be controlled in shape deformation and recovery with an applied thermal then applied magnetic field. This paper focuses on the thermal field needed to help trigger the SMP nanocomposite. The objective of the study is to investigate the heat transfer characteristics of a SMP filled with magnetite nanoparitcles. A transient heat equation model is developed, and numerical simulation is performed in Sundance to show the underlying state of thermal change in recovery and deformation process. Result of the simulations roughly match those observed in the experiment.

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