This research presents the development of a novel structural health monitoring method for identifying damage location within a composite structure. The proposed method for damage detection is based on sinusoid-tracking algorithm (STA), which is an adaptive nonstationary signal processing tool. Sinusoid-tracking algorithm is a method of extraction of nonstationary sinusoidal signals and estimation of their parameters, namely amplitude, phase and frequency which vary over time. This helps to analyze the nonstationary signals, due to nonlinearity caused by damage, in identification procedure. The proposed method makes use of the estimated phase recorded at different spots on the structure under study. Estimated phase is used to define the damage indices. By comparing the value of indices from a baseline (or healthy) case to a damaged case, at different locations on the structure, variations in the value of indices are observed especially adjacent to the location of damage. The proposed methodology is applied to experimental plate. The results of proposed method is promising in detecting location of damage.

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