One of the limitations in evolution of energy-efficient heat transfer fluids in industrial application is their low thermal conductivity. Among the emerging heat transfer technologies of today are fluid additives based on metallic nanoparticles. Previous studies show that Matalic nano particles increase the heat transfer rate by their thermal conductivity. This experimental study investigates the heat transfer behavior of nanofluid slurry through metal foam. Using suspending Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles (AL2O3) in fluid flowing through porous medium leads to have an even greater augmentation in heat transfer rate. Metal foams (porous media) enhance heat transfer rate not only by their high thermal conductivity and also by their mixing effect. When these two subjects come together even more interesting behaviors happen. This paper presents the result of heat transfer enhacment by slurry of metal nanoparticles in porous media in various of flow velocities, heat flux and porous media structures e.g. PPI and particle concentration of nanofluid.

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