Characterization of pool fires in the presence of cylindrical containers is highly relevant for various applications. A cylindrical container is idealized as a circular pipe packed with insulating material inside. Open pool fire experiments are conducted with a cylindrical container located at the center. The pool fire diameters considered were 0.5 m, 0.7 m and 1.0 m with diesel as the fuel. The cylindrical containers are made of stainless steel 304L. The outer diameters of the pipes are 114 mm, 168 mm and of thickness 8.6 mm, 7.1 mm respectively. The effect of blockage ratio on the mass burning rate for vertical and horizontal orientations of 168 mm cylindrical container is studied. It is observed that there is no significant change in mass burning rate due to the blockage effect. Temperatures are measured at various locations inside the pipes and at the center of the insulation. It is observed that the temperatures along a plane perpendicular to the axis are uniform when the pipes are vertically oriented. IHCP 1D code is applied to estimate the incident heat flux on to the bodies when immersed in open pool fires with different orientations.

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