This study mentioned a yacht-type chiller design working between 50 and 200 kW. Ventilation and air conditioning systems on a yacht provide the conditions necessary for the proper internal medium for the staff, passengers, cargo, machinery, and auxiliary systems. The conditions of the internal medium in a yacht are controlled by air conditioning, heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification processes. Ventilation and air conditioning systems are primarily simple, reliable, and must be practical. Also, the ability to control noise and vibration caused by these systems and the maintenance costs should be lower. The power of the total air-conditioning and ventilation is calculated to be 105 kW for 15 rooms on a yacht. For the system to work efficiently, rather than a single system to 105 kW, 35 kW at 3 units, the establishment of a chiller system is preferred. The Mollier diagram of the system (refrigerant R-407C) is produced to accept an evaporation temperature of 1 °C (minimum) and a condensation temperature of 45 °C (maximum), and then the values of power, efficiency, and COP are calculated. By taking the design flow velocity in pipes of 12 m/s pipe diameter, the calculation is done for 3 basic lines (suction, discharge, and liquid). According to the calculated data, the suitable components were selected and assembled to establish a yacht type chiller. Necessary security checks were done for the system to work correctly, and finally, the system was ready for installation.

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