In this paper different rectangular and trapezoidal ducts have been simulated to optimize airflow uniformity inside the oxidation furnace by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technique. The optimizations have been done in different duct geometries to satisfy homogenous air flow pattern over the whole process room. Results have shown that airflow uniformity is the main factor for the best quality of the produced fiber during oxidation. Oxidation process is primarily an exothermic reaction, so consistent and uniform airflow is essential to successfully remove heat of oxidation from each filament across the web to obtain quality product.

In our study, the oven geometry is very simple and consists of multi zones and provides a homogenous airflow parallel to the fiber hand. It is noticeable that airflow turbulence is minimized to prevent cosmetic damage to fiber tows. Results demonstrate our optimized air-distributor designs provide the requested uniform airflow and eliminate non ventilated dead zones between the boxes.

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