The world needs an alternative fuels that could maintain the world running on its wheels due to the increasing energy demand and uncertainty in availability of the fossil fuels. The present investigation analyzes the scope of utilizing the Deccan hemp oil based biodiesel derived from jute seed as an alternative to the diesel. Experimental investigation was carried out at diesel engine with different loads from 0% to 100% and 10% overload condition under a constant speed of 1500 rpm. It was found that the reduction in brake thermal efficiency and higher brake specific fuel consumption was observed with biodiesel in comparison with diesel. The carbon monoxide (CO), carbon-dioxide (CO2), unburnt hydrocarbon (HC) and nitric oxide (NO) emissions for Deccan hemp oil based biodiesel were reduced by 0.2% vol, 1.6% vol, 62.5%, 36.84% whereas slightly higher smoke emission was observed when compared to diesel fuel. These studies revealed that Deccan hemp oil based biodiesel can be used as a fuel in compression ignition engine without any engine modifications.

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