As the demand of the rechargeable battery has been requested not only from operating the small devices, but also from operating the large and medium size equipment such as an electric vehicle, the research has been focused on the stability of the battery, minimization of the energy loss, and finding the new materials for effective energy storage. The Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery consists of four main components which are cathode active material, anode active material, electrolyte, and the separator. One of current research fields of the Li-ion battery material is in the area of cathode active material. It is because the cathode active material has 30∼40% of the manufacturing cost and it vastly affects the capacity of the batteries. In this research, we conduct one-cell simulation to compare the battery performance for changing the properties of the Cathode material. It is one of the thermochemical parameters that can affect the charge/discharge rate and the life of the batteries. Although, the certain kind of active materials has been reported in previous reports, we used the new material properties and researched about the whole discharge curve for future material development. The heating behavior is also investigated with the arbitrary properties being varied.

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