With the progress of technologies, engineers try to evaluate new and applicable ways to get high possible amount of energy from renewable resources, especially in geothermal power plants. One of the newest techniques is combining different types of geothermal cycles to decrease wastage of the energy. In the present article, thermodynamic optimization of different flash-binary geothermal power plants is studied to get maximum efficiency. The cycles studied in this paper are single and double flash-binary geothermal power plants of basic Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), regenerative ORC and ORC with an Internal Heat Exchanger (IHE). The main gain due to using various types of ORC cycles is to determine the best and efficient type of the Rankine cycle for combined flash-binary geothermal power plants. Furthermore, in binary cycles choosing the best and practical working fluid is an important factor. Hence three different types of working fluids have been used to find the best one that gives maximum thermal and exergy efficiency of combined flash-binary geothermal power plants. According to results, the maximum thermal and exergy efficiencies both achieved in ORC with an IHE and the effective working fluid is R123.

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