Piezoelectric material has been widely utilized in vibration-based energy harvesters (VEH). The most common configuration of piezoelectric energy harvester is a cantilevered beam with unimorph or bimorph piezoelectric layers. In this paper, a new configuration of PEH is proposed. Two beams are assembled as V shape with tip masses attached. The first beam is a cantilevered beam with tip mass while the second beam is attached to the end of the first beam with a certain angle. Piezoelectric layers are attached to both beams in unimorph configuration for power generation. The analytical solution is derived based on Euler-Bernoulli beam theory. In this analysis, the angle varies from 0 to 135 degree to see the influence of angle on voltage and power frequency response. The V-shaped VEH is proven to have the second resonant frequency relatively close to the first resonant frequency when compared with conventional cantilevered VEH. Furthermore, the angle between the two beams will influence the ratio of the second to the first resonant frequency. By choosing a suitable angle, the V-shaped structure can effectively broaden the bandwidth.

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