This paper presents a novel approach to manipulation and assembly of micro-scale objects using a chip-scale multi-fingered micromanipulator, in which multiple, independently controlled compliant fingers coordinate with each other to grasp and manipulate multiple objects simultaneously on-chip. The structural and functional advantages of this multi-fingered micromanipulator in achieving high dexterity in a compact form as compared to other state-of-the-art manipulation tools are discussed. A formulation of the kinematics of the manipulator’s compliant fingers along with two different control strategies including an operator-driven closed-loop control and a semi-autonomous open-loop control for coordinated manipulation and on-chip assembly of micro-scale objects are introduced. Finally, the details of implementation of both control strategies and successful experimental demonstration of manipulations and assembly of two interlocking micro-scale parts with sub-micron mating clearance using the multifingered manipulator are presented.

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