A novel change method of surface wettability using both micro- and nano-sized geometrical shape is presented in this paper. After the black silicon is formed in reactive ion etching, SU-8 mold is fabricated on top of the black silicon that has nano-sized holes. After the microfabrication of SU-8 photoresist mold, poly-dimethysiloxane (PDMS) is poured into the mold. As a result, the molded PDMS surface has both micro- and nano-sized structures, which is similar to lotus leaf. The diameter of cylindrical pillar micro structures ranges from 50 to 100 μm. The water contact angle of 150° is obtained on the molded PDMS surface with pillars diameter of 50 μm. The superhydrophobic surface made of micro- and nanostructures is straightforwardly formed, increasing water contact angle on the engineered surface.

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