Numerical investigation has been performed to study the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of plain-fin-tube and wavy-fin tube heat exchangers. Performance results are presented in terms of non-dimensional parameters, friction factor and Colburn factor. The flow rate is varied over the range of 2000 ≤ ReH ≤ 7000 in the turbulent regime. The analysis was performed using a finite volume method. Comparisons with experimental data are performed to validate the code. Parametric study is performed to investigate the effects of transverse pitch and wavy angle. It is observed that an increase in transverse pitch results in a decrease in thermal and hydraulic characteristics. On the other hand with the increase of wavy angle, resulting in the increase of the number of corrugations, both the friction factor and Colburn factor increased. The critical balance between high heat transfer and pressure drop is analyzed using the efficiency index. The tube layout in the staggered form is seen to have better heat transfer characteristics than the in-lined layout for both the configurations.

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