This paper presents an experimental study of natural convection heat transfer for an Ionic Liquid. The experiments were performed for 1-butyl-2, 3-dimethylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide, ([C4mmim][NTf2]) at a Rayleigh number range of 1.13×107 to 7.7×107. In addition to determining the convective heat transfer coefficients, this study also included experimental determination of thermophysical properties of [C4mmim][NTf2] such as, density, viscosity, heat capacity, and thermal conductivity. The results show that the density of [C4mmim][NTf2] varies from 1.437–1.396 g/cm3 within the temperature range of 10–50°C, the thermal conductivity varies from 0.125–0.12 W/m.K between a temperature of 10 to 70°C, the heat capacity varies from 1.015 J/g.K–1.760 J/g.K within temperature range of 25–340°C and the viscosity varies from 243cP–18cP within temperature range 10–75°C. The results for density, thermal conductivity, heat capacity, and viscosity were in close agreement with the values in the literature. Measured dimensionless Nusselt number was observed to be higher for the ionic liquid than that of DI water. This is expected as Nusselt number is the ratio of heat transfer by convection to conduction and the ionic liquid has lower thermal conductivity (approximately 20% of DI water) than DI water.

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