We experimentally characterized a condenser design for a multi-condenser loop heat pipe (LHP) capable of dissipating 1000 W. The LHP is designed for integration into a high performance air-cooled heat sink to address thermal management challenges in advanced electronic systems. The multi-layer stack of condensers utilizes a sintered wick design to stabilize the liquid-vapor interface and prevent liquid flooding of the lower condenser layers in the presence of a gravitational head. In addition a liquid subcooler is incorporated to suppress vapor flashing in the liquid return line. We fabricated the condensers using photo-chemically etched Monel frames with Monel sintered wicks with particle sizes up to 44 μm. We characterized the performance of the condensers in a custom experimental flow rig that monitors the pressure and temperatures of the vapor and liquid. The condenser dissipated the required heat load with a subcooling of up to 18°C, while maintaining a stable liquid-vapor interface with a capillary pressure of 6.2 kPa. In the future, we will incorporate the condenser into a loop heat pipe for a high performance air-cooled heat sink.

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