Large eddy simulation of flow and heat transfer of multiple turbulent round jets in an in-line array impinging on a flat plate is conducted. The full geometry is used in the simulation of the 9 jets. To capture the interactions between the jets the full geometry is meshed in this work. The Reynolds number based on the nozzle diameter of 13 mm, jet initial average velocity of 23.88 m/s and properties of air at room temperature was equal to 20,000. The computations of the mean vertical and horizontal component of the velocity vector in selected planes show very good agreement with experiments. The flow behavior of the jets agrees with experimental findings in terms of vortices surrounding the jets and the appearance of the asymmetry on and close to the flat impingement plane. The predicted mean surface Nusselt number on the flat heated plate shows also excellent agreement with experiments and a relative maximum between the jets in the region of the upwash fountain flow where the wall jets collide, not seen in the experiments, is captured by the numerics.

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