Energy transduction between the mechanical and electric effects has been evaluated over the years. Energy harvesting based on the direct piezoelectric effect using the curvature structures is a new endeavor in engineering applications. This study focuses on energy harvesting from mechanical vibrations through a simply supported circular cylindrical shell laminated with segmented piezoelectric energy harvester patches. The voltages (or modal signals) induced by the modal strains of the piezoelectric patch due to the direct piezoelectric effect can be further converted to modal energies. Spatial distributions of the modal energies are evaluated and compared in three piezoelectric energy harvester patch sizes, and key design parameters. The objective of this study is to investigate the spatial distribution characteristic of the modal energy and evaluate the effects of energy harvester patch size and physical parameters on the generation of the modal energy. These data evaluated in this study can be used as guidelines to design the optimum piezoelectric energy harvester in practical engineering applications.

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