Highly efficient and compact primary surface recuperators are widely used in the microturbine system. However, creep deformation may occur in the passages of the primary surface sheet due to its thin thickness and long operating time. In this paper, the stress and creep deformation of cross wave (CW) primary surface sheet operating for 40000h is numerically studied. In order to improve the creep resistance, the configuration optimization of CW primary surface sheet is carried out using the APDL language in the software ANSYS combined with additional particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. With the object function of minimum creep deformation, the optimal configuration of the CW primary surface sheet is recommended. Compared with the baseline design, the von mises stress and total deformation of the optimal configuration are decreased by 55% and 41%, respectively. The results indicate that the procedure based on PSO algorithm has a significant potential to reduce the creep deformation and it is recommended to be used for configuration optimization.

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