Active vibration control of structures under earthquake excitation has attracted considerable attention in the recent years. In this study, attention was given to optimal preview control methodology for protection of building with and without base isolation systems against earthquakes. A three-story building model was used and several earthquake records including El Centro, Mexico City and Tabas earthquake records were used as excitation. Acceleration and displacement responses of the structure with active preview control were evaluated and the results are compared with those for the unprotected buildings. It was shown that using properly designed active preview control systems can effectively reduce the acceleration transmitted to structures during a major earthquake. The study was repeated for a base isolated structure. It was shown that that the using the information obtain from the preview sensors in the active control strategy would improve the system performance significantly. The influence of the preview time on the system performance was also studied. It was found that the range of preview time needed for improved performance is quite small but depends on the frequency contend of the earthquake excitation.

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