Analytical and numerical methods are applied in order to study the response behavior of the constrained motion of a cantilevered beam for off-resonance excitation. Studies are conducted by using a multi-mode representation of the beam in order to accurately depict the influence of the bifurcation on the spatial response behavior. When modeling this system, the periodic collisions of the cantilevered beam with the compliant material result in a discontinuous force being applied to the free end of the beam. The constraining material is modeled by using the Kelvin-Voigt model. Due to the coupling of the damping and stiffness properties of the modal responses when in contact with the constraining material, a simplified single-mode approximation is used. A shooting method is used with the analytical solution of the simplified model in order to study the qualitative behavior of the system. Preliminary results using the analytical solution agree with the numerical results. The results of the shooting method reveal multiple stable solutions and suggest the presence of additional unstable periodic solutions.

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