Roadside guard systems such as concrete and wire barriers and steel guard rails are mainly developed to protect occupants of the errant cars or trucks. Yet motorcycle riders are vulnerable to these barriers and guard systems, and impact on these barriers may result in major injuries. The objective of this study is to examine the major factors causing injuries in motorcycle-barriers accidents. A mathematical multi-body motorcycle model with a motorcycle anthropometric test device, MATD, is developed in the MADYMO 7.2 for this purpose. The motorcycle model as well as the motorcycle and rider model are validated using full-scale crash test data available in the literature. The simulations results are found to be in a reasonable agreement with the experimental data. A parametric study using the design of experiment (DOE) is then conducted to investigate the nature of crash injuries for various impact speeds, impact angles, different bike and rider positions to assess the rider kinematics and potential injuries. The results from this study can help in designing road barriers and guard systems in order to protect the motorcycle riders.

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