In this paper, an efficient method is proposed for modelling and simulation of multi-body dynamic problems. The method employs symbolic computational abilities of Maple as well as graphical environment of Matlab-Simulink to obtain and solve the equations of motion of a multi-body system accurately and rapidly. Considering a typical multi-body dynamical system the governing equations of system including second order equations of motion, first order nonholonomic and holonomic algebraic constraint equations are derived in Maple software. The state variables of the system are defined based on the systems degrees of freedom or generalized velocities. Converting the system’s equations to an algebraic form and combining them together by using a few Maple commands, the simplest form of the system’s equations of motion are obtained in the canonical standard state space form. This form is suitable when an explicit numerical method of integration is used. Then using a few toolboxes of Simulink, the equations are solved and can be studied. To procedural illustration of the method a lateral vehicle dynamic problem having thirty equations is considered. Beside the present method, Maple as well as Matlab is used to solve the problem. The results show the distinction of the method from the points of execution CPU time, accuracy and longer simulation. This method is suitable when investigation of long term behavior of multi-body dynamical systems is needed.

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