Imprecise positioning and swing of load of overhead crane cause prolonged transportation time. Some researchers tried to achieve suppression of swing angle and fast transfer simultaneously. But, the hoisting motion is usually ignored which can cause greater swing angle. Hence, a physical 2-DOF overhead crane model which consists of horizontal motion and hoisting motion is set up for this study. The total kinetic energy and the total potential energy are derived to obtain dynamic equations of motion by using Lagrangian method. Secondly, fuzzy logic control (FLC) has been adopted to control positioning of horizontal and hoisting motion and to suppress swing angle during transportation. Moreover, to minimize total transportation time, proportional (P) controller is added to the system forming the switching P+FLC controller. Finally, the proposed methods are evaluated by simulations and experiments. The overall results show that fuzzy logic controller combined with P controller (P+FLC) can effectively reduce the transportation time with a little increase in the swing angle.

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