Diesel engine power plant, gas turbine power plant and steam turbine power plant are in common use in ship main propulsion power. These power plants have each advantage and disadvantage at mass, size, most high-power, economic ability, and maneuverability. But any single power is difficult to meet the requirement of improving the ships’ tactical performance, speed and maneuverability. In developing history of ship propulsion system, in order to solve the contradiction between full speed high-power and cruise economic ability, combined power plant form can change the performance of simple plant, which collected the advantage of all kinds of power plants[1]. Here combined power plant form is two or more same or not the same type engine combine used or trade off. The combined power plant can not only supply total power for ships when cruising, but also be more economical. So this plant is used widely. This paper designs a multi-module experiment-rig and introduces its composition, working principle and disposition scheme, and designed survey and control System. The micro experiment-rig control system introduced SIMATIC S 7-400 of Siemens Inc. This system can simple the structure and reduce much interface assembly. The bounds of master and industrial controller, continuous and logical system, concentrated and distributed system can be overcome. The surveillance system used the S7-300 PLC of Siemens Inc. This system can analyze and process the data, display by the Real-time report forms, the curves of changed trend, and dynamic menu. Then surveillance and analytic report was created. So the surveillance system of micro experiment-rig supplied data platform for analyzing the running characteristic combined power plant.

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