Precise and accurate manufacturing became an obligation in aerospace industry in last decades. Uniformity of turbine blades, nozzle geometries, gaps, diameter changes and misalignment issues in turbine assemblies have to be inspected carefully in terms of quality and exactitude. Like broadly used aluminum and titanium based materials, ceramics and special coated composites are also used in aerospace applications. A wide selection of measurement methods used is based on intensity sensing and range imaging. With the recent development in advanced laser techniques, new methods that involve non contact measurement methodologies are being investigated by many industries. In addition to their accuracy and precision, speed of measurement and compactness of such systems are also of high significance. In this paper, a hybrid approach consisting of laser based triangulation, photogrammetry and edge detection techniques has been investigated to measure inner surfaces of parts that have limited access, especially where human presence is impossible. The system is capable of detecting and measuring misalignments, gaps, inclinations as well as surface variations such as cracks and dents. The system employs the accuracy and speed of measurement of triangulation systems and combines these with the mobility and cost effectiveness of photogrammetry and edge detection techniques. In addition to gap and alignment offset inspections, the methodology and the instrument enables angle measurements, detailed surface texture examinations and other inspections needed to be done inside assemblies with narrow openings, with its compact body. Additionally, a comprehensive experimental study has been conducted to show that two different edge detection methods, namely, the “Simple Edge Tool” and “Straight Edge (Rake) Tool” can be used with great accuracy and precision for such measurement purposes. With this system, any surface, whether they have a reflectance or not, can be scrutinized.

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