Detailed numerical analysis is presented for three-dimensional natural convection heat transfer in annulus with an internal concentric slotted cylinder. The internal slotted cylinder and the outer annulus are maintained at uniform but different temperatures. Governing equations are discretized using control volume technique based on staggered grid formulation and solved using SIMPLE algorithm with QUICK scheme. Flow and heat transfer characteristics are investigated for a Rayleigh number range of 10 to 106 while Prandtl number (Pr) is taken to be 0.7. The results indicate, at Rayleigh numbers below 105, the system shows two dimensional flow and heat transfer characteristics. On the other hand, the flow and heat transfer shows three dimensional characteristics while for Rayleigh numbers greater than 5×105. Comparison with experimental results indicated that the numerical solutions by three dimensional model can obtain more accuracy than the numerical solutions by two dimensional model. Besides, Numerical results show that the average equivalent conductivity coefficient of natural convection heat transfer of this problem can be enhanced by as much as 30% while relative slot width is more than 0.1.

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