Self-regulated Learning (SRL) focuses on the use of self-evaluation and self-motivation to aid the student in developing the correct habits, techniques, and tools necessary for success in a learning environment. With self-regulated learning, students can evaluate their study and learning strategies. Training programs that promote self-regulated learning have been found to be beneficial for students’ learning. SRL is currently viewed as a vital prerequisite for the successful acquisition of knowledge in school and beyond. However, SRL is not well known and utilized by the Engineering and Technology education community for facilitating student learning. Self-regulated learning is an important but difficult concept to present to students. The application of self-regulation to learning is a complicated process involving not only the awareness and application of learning strategies but also extensive reflection and self-awareness. This paper describes the design and development of the SRL instructional strategies, their implementation, and the evaluation of their effectiveness. The outcomes are provided and recommendations are discussed.

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