Global economy and growing competiveness on international market require consolidated approach in the Problem Solving process, that cover a variety of issues and functions in social life and economy; also in vocational education and industrial training [1]. The paper outlines a concept of Competence Based Problem Solving Training Protocol for modular mechatronic training by DATAMAS, developed to upgrade mechatronic competence of staff performing maintenance and repair jobs in automated plants in Poland. The concept presumes, that to achieve the very best training outcomes resulting in fast and effective diagnose and solving field problems, it is necessary to better adjust specialized training curricula and procedures to the problem of staff intellectual potential and capability. Such approach is reflected in the process of delivering DATAMAS training modules, flexible and adaptable to different production systems and conditions thus, able to effectively upgrade the maintenance staff competences and solve a variety of functional and other problems. Due to their didactic content combining knowledge and hard skills acquisition as well as soft skills, behaviors and attitudes advancement, the modules are the base training material, modified and applied for a variety of customized, on demand training courses “on the shop-floor”. They exercise how to more effectively solve real field problems by engaging trainees to some creative activity and emotional involvement. The modules are equipped with DATAMAS Training Protocol which provides methodological and organizational frame for the company’s trainers. DATAMAS Training Protocol was designed to follow the SSM approach [2]. The Protocol is mapping many functional features and training procedures that follow technical program saturated with the ongoing “mind storm” animation and argumentation. Since the DATAMAS Training Protocol concept has been under continuing scrutiny, only some limited data on its application are available. The paper outlines the concept, discus the problem solving cycle applied and explains some features of the Protocol. Problem solving cycle proposed by DATAMAS is outlined in Annex A, while a section of DATAMAS Training Protocol is shown in Annex B.

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