The objective of this work is to develop a detailed numerical simulation of solar photovoltaic cells in one, two, and three-dimensions. Such kind of numerical simulation can be used as a flexible research tool for the design and analysis of solar cells. The developed in-house simulation code has the advantage of conducting modifications of the suggested configurations to include effects not covered by the commercial simulation models. In addition, this tool is to serve as a test-bed simulator for the development of solar cells modeling and to design new material models. The photovoltaic solar cells governing equations are Poisson’s equation, the hole and electron continuity equations. Poisson equation is generally used to get the voltages across the device. However, in the present work, it is used to obtain the value of the electrical charge. The governing equations along with the appropriate boundary conditions are solved numerically using a finite difference based method. The resulting system of coupled nonlinear equations is then solved using Newton method for nonlinear systems. The predicted results include illuminated current-voltage characteristic, and dark current-voltage characteristics of photovoltaic module. Comparisons between predicted results and corresponding measured values by manufacturer are conducted in order to validate the numerical simulation. A good agreement between predicted and measured results was prevailed.

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