SS316LN is the primary material used for critical components in fast breeder reactors. Piping systems play a vital role in the operation of any reactor. Fast breeder reactor piping system carries sodium at high temperatures. These systems are operated for long durations. Under normal operating conditions, these piping systems are under tensile stress due to internal pressure and self weight. In case of any seismic excitations, these piping systems are subjected to cyclic torsion along with the constant tensile stress. The combination of static axial tension and large magnitude of cyclic torsion leads to accumulation of plastic strains in axial direction. This accumulation of plastic strain in the axial direction due to cyclic torsion is called ratcheting. This paper discusses about the experimental investigations carried to simulate ratcheting behavior of the SS316L (N) pipe specimen. Many specimens tested under various loading combinations of constant axial tension and cyclic shear strain. The ratcheting for the material SS316LN has been observed experimentally. Axial strain variation with number of cycles is obtained for various loading cases. All these experiments have been conducted in room temperature.

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