As ultra-precision index of high-precision ball bearings, the value of three-dimensional non-repetitive run-out (3D-NRRO) directly influences the rotation accuracy in complex mechanical system. Reducing 3D-NRRO contributes to improve the quality of manufacturing in machining tools. This paper develops five-freedom model to analyze the 3D-NRRO of an angular contact ball bearing caused by geometrical errors of the rings raceways and the balls. In the model, the variation of contact angle caused by centrifugal force of balls is taken into consideration, and the geometrical errors of rings raceway and balls are described by Fourier series. Meanwhile, based on Hertzian contact theory and the solution method of dimensional chains, the 3D-NRRO analytical program has been developed, the value of 3D-NRRO analysis is shown. From the results, the relationship between the 3D-NRRO and the geometrical errors of rings raceway and balls are analyzed quantitatively. Findings of this paper provide theoretical supports to reduce or control the 3D-NRRO by optimizing manufacturing process of bearing components.

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