Accurate prediction of static and dynamic response of nano structures is one of the important interests of scientists in the last decade. Nano bearing as an important part of nano machines has been extensively implemented in recognizing and disassembling cancerous cells and building molecular support structures for strengthening bones. For this reason, Molecular Dynamic Method and some experimental methods are implemented in this area. As nano ball bearing is one of the most important components of nano machines, a large number of studies are concentrated to analyze it statically and dynamically. In this paper, a Fullerene is simulated by a spherical super element whose stress, deformation and natural frequency are calculated. The Fullerene is considered to be the C60 which is properly similar with a 66 surface-node spherical super element. In this study the mechanical properties of the fullerene and boundary conditions of the nano ball bearing under loading are introduced and stress and natural frequency of a fullerene under concentrated load is presented with two different strategies, super element and conventional elements. Compatible findings of these two methods validate and confirm the results. Findings indicate that applying 1 super element for the simulation of the fullerene leads to same results as implementing 154764 conventional elements.

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