The analysis and implementation of modern treatments for the patients diagnosed with osteoporosis, degenerative rheumatic affections and peripheral circulatory disorders have become a healthy priority for the society. These treatments have the goal to raise the bone mineral density of the skeleton, reducing joints pain and inflammation while improving and maintaining joints function. This paper presents a conservative treatment of patients from Recovery Clinical Hospital of Felix Spa, diagnosed with degenerative and rheumatoid affections. The treatment is complex and involves balneal-physical-kinetic recovery therapy that must be periodical repeated at every six months to perform. Ankylosing spondylitis was been evaluated by BASFI-BASDAI scores, while the gonarthrosis with Artroflex by SF-36 of quality life scale and Lequesne index. In addition, a vibration treatment combined with balneal-conservative treatment was been proposed to reduce the therapy time and improved the quality live of patients. The vibration system comprises a vibration bed with adjusting control of signal by a digital frequency convertor, and a command panel system for measuring and processing of data. Because the vibration trial is in incipient experiment stage, it was been applied first on Wistar rats, due to increase the calcium mass of bones. The results of all treatments were emphasized the efficiency of balneal cure in rheumatic affections.

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