Micro and nano fabricated bio-systems and bio-devices can be produced once compatible processes for the integration of biomaterials and micro and nano systems are developed. Here, we demonstrate the integration of Alzheimer’s β-amyloid peptide nanofibers with metalized electrodes. The metalized electrodes and Alzheimer’s β-amyloid peptide nanofiber solutions are prepared separately. Metalized electrodes, composed of either chrome/gold or aluminum, with multiple electrodes are prepared using standard photolithography processes. Meanwhile, the Alzheimer’s β-amyloid peptide nanofiber solutions are prepared via the hydration of β-amyloid powder at various concentrations. The self-assembly of the β-amyloid nanofibers, to achieve well-dispersed networks, is optimized through periodic sonication and readdition of aliquots over timed intervals. The β-amyloid peptide solution can be successfully deposited onto the metalized electrodes to yield dense yet well-dispersed nanofiber arrays.

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