Properties of polymeric composites can be enhanced tailoring with nanomaterials such as CNFs, CNTs, nanoclay etc. A high intensity ultrasonic liquid processor was used to infuse CNFs into the polyester matrix which was then mixed with catalyst using a high speed mechanical agitator. Both conventional and nanophased GRPC were fabricated by VARTM. Flexure tests were performed on the conventional, 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.3%, and 0.4 wt.% CNF-filled GRPC. The results showed 49% and 31% increase in the flexural strength and modulus, respectively, with increasing loading percentage of CNFs up to 0.2%. DMA showed 92% increase in the storage modulus, and slight increase in the Tg in the nanophased GRPC, respectively, as compared to the conventional GRPC. TGA exhibited insignificant effect of CNFs in the decomposition temperature. TMA showed less CTE in the nanophased GRPC. SEM evaluations revealed relatively less damage in fractured surfaces of the nanophased GRPC.

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