The safety movement of rolling stock is depended on the parameters of “carriage-rail” dynamical system as well as on the automatic brake’s reliability. The automatic brake provides the full brake effect at which the brake force transfer to the brake shoes is executed by linkage mechanical system. The linkage mechanical system will transfer the brake force with minimal force losses is characterized by simple structure and reliability operation. Hence the development of such system is very topical and problematic task. Nowadays the brakes systems consist from number of levers therefore are characterized by force great losses in the hinge junctions on the friction overcoming, great material capacity and making costs. In the work are developed perspective passenger car mechanical system, in which are overcoming the noted problems-they have simple structure, better condition for brake and force transfer, minimal economical costs. For brake mechanical systems optimal design due developed in the dynamic model are solved the dynamic analysis tasks. Due the carried out theoretical researches and according computational experiment is achieved the topical task solution. Carried out in the work research is acceptable for other kinds of brake mechanical systems optimization task solution as well as is possible fore application at development and research of arbitrary complexity lever mechanical system.

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