The first generation of nuclear power plants (NPP) parts, components, equipment and systems have completed their predicted trouble free operational life. Now their materials are posing fatigue and aging effects for the future useful applications in the NPP. For the reliable future operations, this study is made for the management of the fatigue and aging effects on the components/systems. The neutron irradiation and normal aging phenomena will cause deterioration in the properties of materials by increasing brittleness-ductile transition temperature. This would affect the reactor pressure vessel as well. For the design purpose as well as estimating the permissible service life of a reactor pressure vessel, it is essential to have reliable data regarding this effect. Considerable efforts have been made and data search carried out on this work. The routine and schedule maintenance programs are the prerequisite means of managing fatigue and aging effects. Therefore, these are monitored through collecting data on plant service condition, inspection, surveillance, testing and by regularly monitoring such programs. This paper presents the future course of actions, which are necessary in the enhancement of the useful and safe NPP operations throughout the world.

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