This work proposes a way to make existing fire risk analysis methods simpler to use without affecting the accurateness of their results. In general, a fire risk analysis starts with an established burning in a room of origin, i.e., the building location where an ignition occurs. The method then analyses things like the most likely direction that established burning will spread, rate of spread, rate of smoke generation, time people will have to evacuate before untenable conditions are present in the environment, the time the building structure will sustain until collapse, etc. The aim of this paper is to propose the use of the ELECTRE III multicriteria decision aid method, in order to perform the room of origin selection. The advantage of ELECTRE III is that it uses pairwise comparisons between alternative rooms of origin, so as one can select the best one according to predefined preference criteria. Each criterion is weighted to represent its relative importance according to the preference structure of the person performing the selection.

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