A Graphical User Interface program in Matlab® for generating the inverse dynamic non linear model of industrial manipulator in symbolic form is presented, that is, the joint torques required for a given set of joint angles, velocities and accelerations of the end -effector. The program, called RIDMD (Robotic Inverse Dynamic Modeling Deduction), is an application of Newton-Euler (NE) Recursive Methods to the derivation of closed form dynamic equations of robots, considered as a group of rigid bodies connected by suitable single degree-of-freedom (DOF) joints. The general procedure implemented in the program in order to calculated the model, begin estimating the Denavit-Hartenberg parameter, selecting a frame attached to each link of the robot arm and calculating the transformation matrix, which is a homogeneous transformation matrix that expresses the position and orientation of consecutives frames of reference for the robot. In addition, the kinematic inicial condition for the first link is determinate, and the kinematic variables transformation is developed, for prismatic or sliding joint. Finally, the force and torque transformation is solved with the program, which is transparent to the user and allows the symbolic calculation of dynamical models until five DOF.

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