Based on the analytical solution of one-dimensional simplified equation of damping tidal wave and Heuristic stability analysis, the precision of numerical solution, computational time and the relationship between the numerical dissipation and the friction dissipation are discussed with different numerical schemes in this paper. The results show that (1) when Courant number is less than unity, the explicit solution of tidal wave propagation has higher precision and requires less computational time than the implicit one; (2) large time step is allowed in the implicit scheme in order to reduce the computational time, but the precision of the solution also reduce and the calculation precision should be guaranteed by reducing the friction factor: (3) the friction factor in the implicit solution is related to Courant number, presented as the determined friction factor is smaller than the natural value when Courant number is larger than unity, and their relationship formula is given from the theoretical analysis and the numerical experiments. These results have important application value for the numerical simulation of the tidal wave.

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