It is desirable to be able to turn-around thermal analysis results in a couple of minutes early phases of a satellite thermal design. Therefore, ThermXL-spreadsheet-based Thermal Analysis Tool is one of the very flexible and easy-to-use tool that is suited to preliminary design of a nanosatellite. This paper focuses on the thermal design and the results of an initial analysis of the nanosatellite by using ThermXL. The goal of this study is to take suitable measures to ensure all the components will operate in their safe range of temperatures and also a proper heat rejection. The nanosatellite such as Cube Satellite (CubeSat) is a miniaturized satellite that has dimensions of 10cm × 10cm × 10cm and weights of 1kg. The thermal model of CubeSat was modelled and the thermal analysis was performed. The thermal control analysis on this CubeSat with passive thermal control has been conducted by the ThermXL program that provided by ITP Engines. Temperature distribution of solutions was computed with ThermXL. Temperature data met the need of the mission. The results of the temperatures show that the thermal design of nanosatellite is feasible.

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