This paper describes the optimization of bidirectional micropump velocity by a deposition of hydrophobic nanoparticle (NP) monolayer. A nano-composite polymer coating contains a homogeneous mixture of Silicon NP in polydimithylsiloxane (PDMS) which will modify the micropump surface to a hydrophobic surface. For hydrophobic nature of PDMS, the monolayer coating will modify the hydrophilic surface of biased AC electroosmotic micropump to a hydrophobic surface. Based on the results obtained from our previous research work for the biased AC electroosmotic micropump, the pumping velocity was 300 micron/sec in 100μm channel thickness for applied voltage of 4.4V at 1 KHz frequency [1]. In that research, we had optimized the applied AC voltage, frequency, channel dimension, and electrode width. The main objective of this research is to investigate the micropump velocity through a surface modification process. Adding a thin monolayer will separate the electrode from the pumping liquid; thus eliminating the reaction on the electrode for applied voltage. In such case, we can apply high voltage to achieve high pumping rate.

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