The paper reports Electrowetting on Dielectric (EWOD) actuated droplet transport characteristics inside a closed-channel. Traditional EWOD devices are open-plane wall-less devices within which droplets are either sitting on a substrate or sandwiched between top and bottom substrates. We investigated droplet motion by EWOD actuation inside a sealed closed-channel. Closed-channel EWOD actuation is useful for interfacing open-plane EWOD (digital) designs to closed continuous (analog) microfluidic devices. Some transport characteristics of the closed-channel EWOD actuation were investigated. Actuation voltage was varied between 85–120 VRMS. Channel height was varied between 90–150 μm. The electrodes were square shaped and 2 mm across. Within these range of design parameters the droplet velocity profile showed no steady state constant velocity. And it accelerated to the peak value near the midpoint of the energized electrode then decelerated for the rest of the travel.

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