Recently, LED (Light Emitting Diode) is paid to attention as a new source of light. However, it doesn’t turn to shine on a wide area efficiently because LED is a point light. Then, the method of the light guide plate technology used for the liquid crystal display etc, and use as the LED lighting is examined. A minute reflection dots exists bottom of the light guide plate, system is such that light comes out from the surface because the light that hits the dots break a total reflection condition. In our laboratory, the function of the diffusion seat and the condensing prism seat that is complete parts of the lighting panel was involved by optimizing shape and the arrangement of the dots, and it works on the research of the light guide plate where uniform luminescence is enabled. In the process of study, it has been understood that luminance increases by increasing the number of dots, too. Therefore, an accumulating method of piling up two or more light guide plates was proposed as a method of achieving high luminance for highly effective lighting usage, and the device was analyzed with an optical simulator. As a result of optimization, the average luminance has improved by 15%. We are starting to fabricate this high luminance light guide plate by accumulating method. If this piled light guide plate is completed and luminance is improved in accordance with the simulation, it will be possible to convert it to a higher luminance light guide plate.

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